County Council Highway Weed Treatment

Dear Resident

In 2023 CCC stopped using chemical herbicides to treat weeds in the highway/pavement as it has done previously. Many villages complained that this cased damage to the road and pavement surfaces, blocked drains and looked unsightly.

Cambridgeshire County Council are now consulting Parish Councils for their views on the proposed highway weed treatment plans (link below). Parish Councils are being asked if they would like to opt in to the use of chemical herbicide (Glyphosate based) for the coming season or to opt out.

The papers submitted to the County Council’s committee can be found here which explain the background and options considered.

Caxton Parish Council is interested in your view and would be gratefull for any feedback, to the Clerk, by Monday the 1st April 2024 so that we can respond to CCC.

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