Caxton Parish Council

Notice of Increase in Hire Rates

I’m sure you’re aware of the increasing costs we’re all facing.  This is affecting the  Village Hall, particularly heating, which is our biggest cost. Our electricity bill in April was more than double last year’s, and prices are likely to rise again later in the year.  Unlike domestic tariffs  these are not capped so can be increased by suppliers according to their costs.  Reluctantly we have had to review hire charges and are proposing a 20% increase in the autumn.  We are advising you of this now to give you some time to comment and adjust.

Hourly Booking Rates from September 2022

 Up to 5pmAfter 5pm
 Existing RateNew RateExisting RateNew Rate
Hall (Caxton residents)£8.00£10.00£11.00£13.00
Hall (non-residents & commercial)£11.00£13.00£16.50£20.00  

Party Rates

 9am to 6pm6pm to 11pm
 Existing RateNew RateExisting RateNew Rate
Hall (Caxton residents)£50.00£60.00£60.00£72.00
Hall (non-residents and commercial)£60.00£72.00£75.00£90.00  

We try to make charges as affordable as possible while keeping the Hall financially viable.  The heating has been modernised recently, and there are controls on the heating system to manage excessive usage. 

We will review the situation as it changes, particularly in the coming year and hope to avoid or minimise further increases.  In the meantime you can help with this by following these common sense guidelines: Do not adjust the big white storage heaters – they are for background heating only and won’t react quickly enough for immediate heating needs.  Please only use the silver heaters for as long as they’re needed – don’t overheat the hall and make sure they’re switched off as soon as you don’t need them, certainly before you leave.  Make sure all lights are off and windows closed before you leave.

Feel free to let the Committee have any feedback or comments.

Chris Rundell

Chair, Village Hall Management Committee.