Caxton Village Hall

Caxton Village Hall


Caxton Parish Council

Caxton Village Hall

Caxton Village Hall is an attractive building at the heart of the village, available for hire for community and commercial events.

Built in the 1830s and previously the village school, the main hall is 13m x 5.5m, with a separate smaller room of 5.5m x 4m.  There are toilets, including an accessible toilet, baby changing facilities, and a well equipped kitchen.  There is parking in front of the hall and in the adjacent car park.

Please read our Hiring Agreement


***WE NOW HAVE WIFI*** – Details will be provided at time of booking

Hourly Booking Rates


Up to 5pm

After 5pm

Hall (Caxton residents)



Hall (non residents)



Hall (Commercial)




Day/Evening Rates


9am to 6pm

6pm to 11pm

Hall (Caxton residents)



Hall (non residents)



Hall (Commercial)



Discount available for regular bookings.

We try to make charges as affordable as possible while keeping the Hall financially viable.  The heating has been modernised recently, and there are controls on the heating system to manage excessive usage. Please can you help with this by following these common sense guidelines: Do not adjust the big white storage heaters – they are for background heating only and won’t react quickly enough for immediate heating needs.  Please only use the silver heaters for as long as they’re needed – don’t overheat the hall and make sure they’re switched off as soon as you don’t need them, certainly before you leave.  Make sure all lights are off and windows closed before you leave.

Feel free to let the Committee have any feedback or comments.

Chris Rundell

Email:  Phone: 07793 813046

Chair, Village Hall Management Committee.